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The bad with the good: Kindle Unlimited’s new algorithm

**I want to preface this whole thing by saying that I do think the new algorithm is a lot more self-published author friendly and a great way for more authors to get more out of their published works.**

People have the notion that self-publishing is easy. You just write whatever you want, scarcely edit, and throw it up on Amazon for the world to buy and love. That idea has driven people to use self-publishing as a get rich quick scheme. Haphazard covers and poor story lines have overrun an already saturated market. It makes it hard for those stories that have true merit to gain any forward momentum.

With Kindle Unlimited being less than a year old, it has already established itself among the truly subscription based systems that people are really into now days. Commonly referred to as “Netflix for books” Kindle Unlimited allows readers to pay a measly $9.99 a month and they have access to every registered book in the KU catalog. This saves readers (especially those that can’t go 5 minutes without a book) hundreds of dollars. Originally, authors that had books enrolled in the KU program got their royalty payment if the reader got through 10% of the book. Not bad, I mean, a person doesn’t even have to finish your book for you to get something.

The new algorithm was easily and well explained by Susan Wylie Wilson:

 This is the math: They are counting the total number of pages read. So if your book is 146 pages, and they read only 145 pages, you get paid for that 145 pages. They will add up all the pages read total by all the readers who read your work. So if 200 people download and READ your 146 page book all the way through, they will do the math. That would be 29,000 pages read. Then they would take that number and multiply it by the total fund for the month, in their scenario that’s $10 million, which is 290 billion. Then they divide that by the total number of pages read that month by all of their readers, in this scenario that is 100 million pages. Which gives you a profit of $2,900. In that same vein, lets say that your book is 146 pages long, and 150 people read it all the way through, 40 people read to page 144, and 10 people read only to page 20, then you would have 27,860 pages read, then in that same scenario, you would make a profit of $2, 786

Author added Just saw this for clarification: “A little clarification: A 100-page book will only pay 10x as much as a 10-page book assuming both are read completely through to the end. Page counts also are determined based on where “Chapter 1″ starts, so front matter isn’t counted. A 100-page book read to page 10 will garner the same royalty as a 10-page book read to completion.”

So how can someone look at these amazing new figures with any kind of hesitation? The author looking to get rich quick could throw together a few short, poorly constructed pieces, make them KU exclusive, and wait. If a book is part of KU, the reader isn’t paying anything for books so they are more likely to download anything and everything. Now I am not certain if there are limitations to the number of pages that must be read (which there must be) but someone can crank out a 10 page novella, and with a little puppetry work, they can be making a decent amount of money. It’s frustrating to see.

All in all, I hope this doesn’t discourage short story authors from continuing to make their works KU exclusive if they so choose, but I do hope that this weeds out the schemers. This is a step forward for self-publishing authors and allows them to get the funding they deserve. This may also help further reduce piracy because people won’t have to wait for a book torrent to be available for them to get it for free. I don’t mean to poo poo on the KU service because this truly is a great thing. I just hope those deserving of success see it.

So what exactly is going on with The Night Touched Chronicles and Becoming Night Touched?

I’ve been briefly mentioning changes coming here and there, but I haven’t taken the time to really talk to you guys in depth about anything. I don’t think that’s very fair. I’ve tried to be as open and honest with you guys as possible. With everything going on on my end, I don’t think I have done a very good job. So today I am going to remedy that. I hope that by the time I have finished and published this post, you guys are still willing to stick by me.

1. What’s up with the hiatus?

Several months ago I kept going back and forth on what I termed as “hiatus.” I had set a schedule for myself that included blogging, vlogging, book reviews, and other things of that nature. My husband and I moved in with my mother in law, which turned out to be the worst thing we could have ever done. I found it hard to stick to my schedule because her negativity weighed too heavily on me. I’m not saying that I’m not negative, because I am, but living in a house with that woman killed my creativity and the stress was too much to handle. Publishing Jeremy almost didn’t happen. Brian and I have moved out, we’re in our own place, and things are starting to get better. I will say that the “hiatus” is off, but I am not giving myself a schedule for now. I still work a full time job and I still don’t have nearly as much time to do everything that I would like, but things are happening slowly.

2. TNTC revamp?

Okay, yes, I am going to be “revamping” Celine. When I originally wrote that book, I was in a hurry to publish and get my name out there. Celine is much shorter than I wanted it to be, and when/ if you move on to Jeremy, the flow doesn’t match. After I published Jeremy, I felt that Celine was a disservice to my readers. I want to apologize for that. I have sort of started work on it, but I have signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo and so I will be working on the rewrite first draft in April. This means that I am going to have to hold off on starting Book Three: Texas until Celine is where I want it to be. I can’t promise that I’ll have everything ready to go and republished early enough to publish Book Three this year, but don’t lose faith, I am writing.

3. Already purchased Celine and don’t want to spend more money?

Not to worry. I am actually going to be uploading the changes directly to the original ASIN. This means that if you already own a copy on your Kindle, then you will automatically get the new version. You do have to be connected to the internet on your device to receive the update, of course. If you’ve published a hard copy and want a new one, forward your receipt along with your address to I know how many copies were sold, so I know how many to send out, I just don’t know who to send them to. This also goes for those who purchased a copy on Smashwords and Barnes & Noble. I have made the digital version of Celine a Kindle exclusive (for now) so you won’t be able to get the update. However, if you forward me your receipt and the format you need, I can get them sent out.

4. What about Becoming Silas and Becoming Jeremy?

Yes, the Becoming Night Touched mini series is incomplete right now, but it will be soon. Silas’s short is almost finished but I really want to spend my free time focusing on the changes/ additions that I want to make to Celine. That doesn’t mean that I have completely ignored my characters in any way. If anything, I am doing them justice by taking Celine to a whole new level.


So there you have it. Those are the top 4 questions that I felt needed to be answered. I hope that I provided some insight into everything that’s going on. I appreciate your support more than you know. Don’t forget to follow this blog; I am trying to update more often. There is also the Authors and Bloggers Against Piracy tour coming at the end of May, so watch out for that. Thanks everyone!!

Blog Monday

Since my current recording… area… is unavailable, I’ve decided to do a good, old fashion written post. It’s been a while since I’ve done one and I thought that it would be enjoyable for everyone.


There has been a lot of progress on Jeremy and I’m happy to say that I think that the first draft will be done by the end of  September, beginning of October. I’m shooting for a release date of Christmas, but I’m not making any promises. I wanted to apologize to you guys, again, for how long it has taken me to get it done. When I started writing Jeremy (over a year ago) I had anticipated it to be an end of 2013/ beginning of 2014 release, but life seriously got in the way. I appreciate you guys so much for sticking with me.

On the Night Touched train of thought, the final 3 Becoming Night Touched stories will be out in time for the Jeremy release. I’ve almost finished Celine’s so it should be out relatively soon.

I’m also going to be calling for 2-3 more beta readers for Jeremy as soon as the first draft goes into the editing stage. If you’re interested in signing up, please click here to find out more information.


Thank you guys so much for checking in on today’s post. If you have any questions for me, or if you have any ideas for future vlogs, leave a comment. If you haven’t had a chance to subscribe to the Youtube for all the latest videos from me, click here. See you all in the next video!! The Guide to Self Publishing, Episode 2 will be out on Wednesday. My video review for Vampire Morsels by Joleene Naylor will be up on Thursday.


Bye guys!

There will not be a vlog today

I had a great vlog planned out, but I am starting to get sick and I feel to gross to even attempt to film. I appreciate your understanding guys, and I promise it will be out next week.


In the mean time, I will go ahead and announce that there is a new section in the works for the Youtube channel. I am planning out an 8 part series called “The Guide to Self Publishing.” I may end up with more parts than that, but I  have 8 episodes planned out so far. It’s going to break down self publishing and emphasize on why it’s such a great thing to get into. It will be going up in a few weeks, I have some more scripting to do as well as filming.


Anyway, thank you guys for the support and I am so sorry I am not filming today. Check in for tomorrow’s post!

Vlog 26- Vlog Monday!

Happy Vlog Monday everyone! Check out my latest post here! Please don’t forget: if you like my vlogs, or my book reviews, take a moment and hit that “Subscribe” button. It would really help me out, and it would also keep you up to date with all of my posts!

Vlog 24

Happy Vlog Monday! Sorry about the poor quality

Well, week one of the new schedule is finished!

I really do like this new schedule. It had been super easy to keep up with what I need to post and when. I hope you guys are enjoying it to. Aside from the minor hiccup Friday morning with the domain, everything is working out well. If you have anything in particular you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

There was supposed to be a vlog here.

Since I am not at home, I was trying to do an update vlog to fill you guys in on what I’ve been doing. I even sat down with my best friend and author, Victoria Barrow, and spoke with her briefly about her upcoming sequel in the Redhaven Saga called “Blood Rite (final title TBD.)” Unfortunately, the computer I’m using is still operating on Windows Vista and this version of video editing software is REALLY outdated. Needless to say, I wanted to still update you guys on what has been going on.

I am still working on the Harper back/turn story and that should be done here in the next couple of weeks. Of course, it will need editing but I will release it as soon as possible. I’m limited to the number of back stories I can release until Jeremy comes out, but I will at least be able to get Jason, Lily and Celine out as well.

Jeremy will be picked up as soon as I get home. This break was not only necessary, it was mind opening. I know that when I get home, I will be able to pick it up and work hard to release it. I do sincerely appreciate that you guys have been so patient with me.

Thank you guys so much!

Away from home and reading: A short update and reviews of some of the Amaranthine Shorts

My mother had surgery this week, and so I am staying with her for a little while. I want to make sure that she’s okay, you know? Anyway, I am kind of upset with myself because I left all of my work on my desktop in my office back at my house. I didn’t bring a backup, nor did I think to put it on my Dropbox. This means that I am not getting any work done on any of my novels. That really sucks. I am, however, working to pass the time by doing a LOT of reading. As you can see, I have caught up on all of the Amaranthine novels and a bulk of the shorts. Since I read so many shorts, I didn’t want to do individual reviews, I wanted to do one bulk review for you guys.


101 Tips for Traveling with a Vampire; Tales of the Executioners: Aine ; Vampire Morsels (Short Story Collection) ((I specifically read Adam, Alexander, Arowenia, Ashton, Benjamin, Bethina, Claudius, Elsa, Herrick, Jesslynn, Kariss);  Heart of the Raven Mini Prologue Collection; Tales from the Island- Children of Shadows Prologue Collection


If you’re like me and you’ve read the Amaranthine main series (Shades of Gray, Legacy of Ghosts, Ties of Blood, Ashes of Deceit, Heart of the Raven, Children of Shadows) then you’re just dying for Clash of Legends. Since that won’t be out until late 2014, you might want to know what to read to fill the time. Joleene Naylor has taken the time to provide you with a wide range of short stories to choose from.

Was there a vampire you came across that didn’t get their time to shine? Try reading Vampire Morsels! It’s a collection of 17 short stories about those other wise unknown vampires. They answer some of those burning questions, like what made Jesslynn turn the children? How about who Velnya, Jorick’s first wife, was? These shorts keep you wrapped in the universe and make you feel more like a part of their world.

Tales of the Executioners: Aine is the first short in this collection, and from what I could find, the only short available right now. It’s just a fun little story about one of the “lesser” Executioners on one of his arrests. To me this was on a “vampire bounty hunter” level.

If you read Heart of the Raven, you have to read the prologue collection. You get to see those moments up to the beginning of the book from the eyes of  Wolfe, Sidhara, Cyprus, Neil and a few others. If you haven’t read Heart of the Raven yet, I would recommend reading this first, because why not?

Tales from the Island was a fun little collection from the eyes of Micah, Loren, Verchiel, Oren, and Torina on their island vacation before the beginning of Children of Shadows. This gives you a chance to look at what vampires do during their down time on the beach.

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