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The bad with the good: Kindle Unlimited’s new algorithm

**I want to preface this whole thing by saying that I do think the new algorithm is a lot more self-published author friendly and a great way for more authors to get more out of their published works.**

People have the notion that self-publishing is easy. You just write whatever you want, scarcely edit, and throw it up on Amazon for the world to buy and love. That idea has driven people to use self-publishing as a get rich quick scheme. Haphazard covers and poor story lines have overrun an already saturated market. It makes it hard for those stories that have true merit to gain any forward momentum.

With Kindle Unlimited being less than a year old, it has already established itself among the truly subscription based systems that people are really into now days. Commonly referred to as “Netflix for books” Kindle Unlimited allows readers to pay a measly $9.99 a month and they have access to every registered book in the KU catalog. This saves readers (especially those that can’t go 5 minutes without a book) hundreds of dollars. Originally, authors that had books enrolled in the KU program got their royalty payment if the reader got through 10% of the book. Not bad, I mean, a person doesn’t even have to finish your book for you to get something.

The new algorithm was easily and well explained by Susan Wylie Wilson:

 This is the math: They are counting the total number of pages read. So if your book is 146 pages, and they read only 145 pages, you get paid for that 145 pages. They will add up all the pages read total by all the readers who read your work. So if 200 people download and READ your 146 page book all the way through, they will do the math. That would be 29,000 pages read. Then they would take that number and multiply it by the total fund for the month, in their scenario that’s $10 million, which is 290 billion. Then they divide that by the total number of pages read that month by all of their readers, in this scenario that is 100 million pages. Which gives you a profit of $2,900. In that same vein, lets say that your book is 146 pages long, and 150 people read it all the way through, 40 people read to page 144, and 10 people read only to page 20, then you would have 27,860 pages read, then in that same scenario, you would make a profit of $2, 786

Author added Just saw this for clarification: “A little clarification: A 100-page book will only pay 10x as much as a 10-page book assuming both are read completely through to the end. Page counts also are determined based on where “Chapter 1″ starts, so front matter isn’t counted. A 100-page book read to page 10 will garner the same royalty as a 10-page book read to completion.”

So how can someone look at these amazing new figures with any kind of hesitation? The author looking to get rich quick could throw together a few short, poorly constructed pieces, make them KU exclusive, and wait. If a book is part of KU, the reader isn’t paying anything for books so they are more likely to download anything and everything. Now I am not certain if there are limitations to the number of pages that must be read (which there must be) but someone can crank out a 10 page novella, and with a little puppetry work, they can be making a decent amount of money. It’s frustrating to see.

All in all, I hope this doesn’t discourage short story authors from continuing to make their works KU exclusive if they so choose, but I do hope that this weeds out the schemers. This is a step forward for self-publishing authors and allows them to get the funding they deserve. This may also help further reduce piracy because people won’t have to wait for a book torrent to be available for them to get it for free. I don’t mean to poo poo on the KU service because this truly is a great thing. I just hope those deserving of success see it.

Vlog 12!!

Wow! It has really been awhile since I posted a vlog! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Get in to the story: : [[Images (C) respective owners, via google images, and pinterest. I DO NOT OWN images.: Cover art by Skylar Faith . Music (C) Ellie Goulding. I own nothing but intellectual property.]]

Finally catching up!

I just finished Chapter 13, and I am finally starting to get back into the swing of everything again! I know I flaked on the vlog for Sunday but it looks like this one is going to have to be a Monday vlog as well. I am alternating between adding to previous chapter and writing new ones. Don’t mistake adding to previous chapters as editing because I’m not editing yet. I am worried that I am about to start Chapter 14 and my book only has 24k. I was doing some research and the average Urban Fantasy novel is about 90k and my favorite author, Cassandra Clare, has been quoted as saying her first drafts average at 130k. I am starting to worry about content and length of this book. I have to say, though, that I am going to do the best I can, and like Tori and I have been saying, that is what editing is for. We will be able to take stuff out, put stuff in, and move it around. Trying not to worry too much about it. Now to try to go to sleep again.

A few things I am learning as a first time novel writer


It’s stressful, for sure, but there is something great to look forward to.

Determination and persistence are key

If you allow your self room to stumble, it’s hard to push yourself to get back up. I am definitely suffering from this right now. Being “off” the last couple of weeks has made it hard to get back in to the groove of writing regularly. My sleep schedule is completely off, and I am no where near as far as I would like with my content. However, I actually started and finished a chapter in one day, so I am getting back to normalcy. Yesterday was the first day I actually felt creative again.

The road to publication is scary but reachable

The more that Tori and I look into self publishing, the more excited I am at the possibilities for us. Granted, we actually have to finish our first drafts, get ourselves out there, find cover art, edit, take a potty break, edit some more and then finally we’ll be able to press the “submit” or “publish” button and our book will be out there. This is something that I have toyed with my entire life. My whole family has been extremely literary. On my father’s side, my Grandmother was a published author and I have 3 totes full of her work that she poured every inch of her soul into.

Giving up is not an option

I couldn’t tell you how many times I have sat at this desk, set my fingers on this keyboard and just thought “nope, I’m done.” Of course, you got to see that a few times. I realized, however, that no matter how much I bitched about it, if I didn’t finish this book and I never got published I would have no one to blame but my self. I want to be able to get to a point where I can say that I am a published author. While I want to be able to become a full time author, I know that it doesn’t come quickly or easily.

Having amazing supporters helps

My family and my husband have been fantastic when it comes to listening to me rambling on and on about my characters in an almost smitten way. Although, I must admit, no one has been more supportive or active in helping me than Tori. Since we decided to take this journey together, it seems that we have become even better friends than I thought possible. It’s great to have a system of people to bounce ideas off of who you know will give you honest feed back

Anywho, this is what I have learned, and I am learning new stuff everyday. I wish you all the best of luck in your literary journeys!!


Getting back on the horse

The last two weeks have been so hectic but I am finally able to find solid footing and get back to work, even with an annoyingly wobbly computer chair that I want to throw out the window. Brian and I added two new members to our family yesterday. Two tabby cats named Lily and Angel. I thought Lily was meant to be because of my character. We might be only a foster home for Angel but time will tell. Anyway, life is finally getting back to normal so I will be working as hard as I can between now and New Year’s to get the book worked on. I’m sorry that I haven’t been as active in all of this as I would have liked to be, but I will be as much as I can

When life happens around your writing

I am part of an amazing family, both blood and in-laws. The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic because my eldest sister-in-law is in the middle of a divorce and having to move from her house. I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate me  broadcasting this on my blog but I owe it to you guys to explain why I haven’t been able to write as much. I love my sister-in-law very much and I will do anything to help her. I tend to forget sometimes that life happens outside of my writing so that is why when I initially set my plan, stuff like this didn’t factor in. However, I know that they would do anything for me, so I am sure as hell going to do anything for them.

On the down side, I feel like I am really starting to lose hold of my book. I felt that I could conquer this and make it my literary bitch but now it is starting to seem like that is slipping further and further away. I haven’t been able to commit a whole day of writing since last week and with the whole Chapter 4 fiasco I feel like I seriously messed up. However, starting tomorrow (since today is going to be about cleaning up the blog and networking) I am going to pick up where I left off and at least get through Chapter 12.

Do you guys have moments like that?  Where you are all for writing everyday and then life happens?

That sad, angry, dark, lonely place

I am getting to the first part in the book where I have to go to a really angry place. I’m sure the rest of you as writers understand that place I’m talking about. I am avoiding it, and I know that the faster I get it over with, the faster I get to go back to the happy place. Well, a semi-happy place. This is just going to be a long couple of weeks while I get them all over this hump. Wish me luck

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