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Writing Goals- Better Late than Never

So the year is already half over and I have only just committed to my writing goals. After a conversation with the always inspiring Joleene Naylor and Tricia Drammeh, I actually spoke the goals that I had been keeping quietly locked away in my head. I had figured that if I told anyone what they were, I would have to commit. Well, I’ve told my two closest writing companions and now I have to commit. I could choose not to admit them to you; I could have kept it in locked away. The conversation was private, so no one would know. But as I’ve said before, I want to be completely open and honest with all of you. You are my readers, my followers, some of the most valued people in my life. If I am honest with you, I always hope that you’re honest with me. So… without further delay.


1. Finish Becoming Jeremy.

While my first goal is to complete a short story, it’s obtainable and easy enough to reach. I just have to do it.

2. Release the Becoming Night Touched collection.

Again, an easy enough goal. This is just putting all of the short stories together, formatting, creating a cover, and make it available for print. Easy enough in theory.

3. Release the “new” version of Celine.

The story line is going to remain the same, but as I said before I want the books to match more than they currently do. There are also some small bits that I need to change in Jeremy but nothing to the same degree.


So there you have it; my writing goals for the year. Do you have any goals that you just now adding to your list of things to do? Please share them in the comments below!

The Seance by Tricia Drammeh

In anticipation of the October release of Tricia Drammeh’s young adult paranormal novel, The Seance, we’ve got a fun giveaway in store for you. It’s easy to enter and completely free. Entry is as simple as liking a few Facebook Pages. For 10 extra entries, visit the Honeyshadow Premade Cover website and select the cover you think Tricia chose for her book. On August 10th, we’ll reveal the cover and the winners of the giveaway.

What’s The Seance about? Here’s a hint:

Ninth grade can be a nightmare when you don’t fit in at school, your crush chooses someone else, and your parents tell you they’re having a new baby. Abby was prepared for normal high school problems. She wasn’t prepared for a demon.

Abby has always been fascinated by the paranormal, but after an ill-fated séance, she discovers not all Spirits are benign. A dark entity unleashed during the summoning sets out to destroy Abby, and within days, she loses her best friend, incurs the wrath of her parents, and becomes a prisoner in her own home. With time quickly running out, she assembles an unlikely group of helpers: the most hated guy in school, a retired psychic, and the cute clerk from her favorite bookstore. Unless the demon is defeated, Abby and her new baby brother won’t stand a chance.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Free weekend!!

I must admit, I was checking the numbers a little while ago for how many free copies of Celine people have picked up. I am so amazed by how many people have picked it up so far! Thank you to all of you!! It is so weird to see people getting something with my name on it. I mean, I wrote a book. I really wrote a book and people are reading it! I just had to share my amazement and heartfelt thanks to all of you!


Great things coming!

Well, after all the craziness of writing, editing, and formatting, I am proud to announce that Celine will be released this Friday on the Amazon Kindle Market. The hard copy will be available a few weeks later. As for now, I thought I would share the good news. There will be a few contests, but I have to organize them first.

Bangarang by Skrillex ft. Sirah

This is the song I’m listening to while writing my current chapter… What could be going on?!

Writer’s Block on current chapter

I am having a hard time writing Chapter 12. Partially due to writers block, partially because my word count is extremely low for the number of chapters I have. Since I can’t think of what needs to go on now, I am going back and changing some stuff in previous chapters. Mind you, it’s not editing, I am still going to go back once the book is done and actually edit but I feel like I could have said a lot more in a few of these chapters.

That sad, angry, dark, lonely place

I am getting to the first part in the book where I have to go to a really angry place. I’m sure the rest of you as writers understand that place I’m talking about. I am avoiding it, and I know that the faster I get it over with, the faster I get to go back to the happy place. Well, a semi-happy place. This is just going to be a long couple of weeks while I get them all over this hump. Wish me luck

Music to my ears

I put up the playlist I am typically listening to when I write. There are some really stupid songs that I think only I enjoy but I hope you guys like it and listen to it!

Feeling the pressure

I was helping my family the last couple of days so I was unable to write. I just busted out Chapter 4 and 5. I worry that they that good, but I am slowly learning that I have to be able to accept my work for what it is. I have put a piece of myself into every chapter and as long as I like what I’ve put out there, then that is what matters. Needless to say, Chapter 4 is up on figment and as soon as I finish typing this, Chapter 5 will go up. I am also going to give you guys a sneak peak of the end of Chapter 5 right now.

Chapter 3: The …

Chapter 3: The Princess in the Station

Title of Chapter 3!

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