Brothers of Darkness goes Live TOMORROW!

Another excerpt and graphics from Jo!

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

That’s right, my little Amaranthinites, Patrick’s story is available tomorrow as an ebook at all retailers, and as a paperback. (The Collector’s Edition will be available in paperback November 1st.)

Also tomorrow, I will be the host of the Blood Moon Rising event all day, so if you feel so moved to spread the word about Brothers of Darkness, that would be awesome! Below is the synopsis, links, and some cool graphics.

patrick-high-res“Not a love story…a dark spiral into blackness.”

“If you’ve read Shades of Gray, you know how this has to end.”

The prequel to Shades of Gray tells the story of Patrick and Michael, how they got tangled into Claudius’ web, and their valiant fight to escape.

When Patrick’s missing brother Michael returns, he brings with him a world of darkness. Turned into a vampire against his will, Michael is the coven’s whipping boy. When Patrick tries to…

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Patrick’s story: Brothers of Darkness (New Amaranthine Story by Joleene Naylor)- Plus Review!


“Not a love story…a dark spiral into blackness.”

“If you’ve read Shades of Gray, you know how this has to end.”

The prequel to Shades of Gray tells the story of Patrick and Michael, how they got tangled into Claudius’ web, and their valiant fight to escape.

When Patrick’s missing brother Michael returns, he brings with him a world of darkness. Turned into a vampire against his will, Michael is the coven’s whipping boy. When Patrick tries to help, he’s claimed as a slave who spends his weekends preparing victims, scooping ashes, and falling prey to the vampire’s twisted desires.

There’s only so much hell he can take, and when vampires from a warring coven offer sanctuary in exchange for cooperation, Patrick quickly agrees. What he expected to be a few months drags out into a long smear of nightmares, and though he fights for hope and freedom, the cost of victory may be more than he bargained for.



The park was eerie in the dark. The hulking jungle gym sat like a crouched monster waiting to spring, and the swing set’s long shadows were tendrils of evil that snaked toward Patrick and Michael as they leaned on the teeter-totter.

The snow slowed, then stopped. Patrick scuffled his feet in the drifts and counted off the seconds. How long would it take a vampire to find them?

And why in the hell do we want him to?

Michael’s shoulders went stiff and Patrick followed his gaze. At first, he saw only darkness, then, like last time, the guy materialized from the shadows.

“You’re looking for me?”

Michael narrowed his eyes. “You’re the mind reader, you tell me.”

Without hesitation, the vampire asked sharply, “Why should I help you?”

Michael grabbed his brother’s arm. “Come on, Pat. I told you this was a fuckin’ waste of time.”

Before they could move, the mysterious man replied, “I didn’t say I wouldn’t help, only asked why I should.”

Patrick nodded hopefully. If the vampires were half as terrifying as this guy, there was no way they could deal with them alone. They needed someone who could help them and, though he couldn’t say why, he was sure this was the guy for the job. Maybe because he scares the shit outta me. “Hang on, Mikey. Let’s give him a chance.”

Michael glared at the vampire. “Why? We don’t even know who he is!”

The man all but rolled his eyes. “My name is Jorick. What do you want from me?”

Patrick answered quickly, “He needs help to get away from Claudius.”

Jorick studied them. The moments stretched thin and taut, heavy with the oppressive winter atmosphere. Finally, he said, “Let me speak to my associate. We might be able to do something. Return here in five days.”

Then he disappeared.


My review:

Patrick’s story is just that. We finally get to hear all about the boyfriend that started Katelina down the dark and dangerous path into the Amaranthine world. Troubled, drug addicted, and quite frankly fucked up, Patrick is definitely not the man anyone should feel bad for. He is a go nowhere, do nothing loser who can’t hold down a job to save his life… And his brother, Michael, is no better. After Michael is forced to get a day job doing lawn care at a mysterious mansion, he hatches a plan to get rich and leave everything bad behind. The plan, of course, does not go the way Michael planned, and he goes to Patrick for help. Feeling a sense of responsibility for his brother, Patrick is plunged into a world no human should ever be in. Betrayal, violence, and abuse, Patrick’s seemingly tragic story does see one bit of light at the end of a very dark tunnel, but how long will it last?

I went into Patrick completely unsure. Very little was known about him outside of Shades of Gray. He was the loser boyfriend of Katelina’s that met a really grizzly and unfortunate end at the VERY VERY beginning of Shades of Gray (so this is not a spoiler). I was incredibly curious to see how Joleene could make such a deadbeat into a relatable character. And I was not disappointed. I became so attached to Patrick, that there was fan fiction being written in my head. I mean, I knew how it ended, I knew the direction every life in the series takes. I honestly wasn’t sure how many surprises there would be. This book made me feel so much for a character that I didn’t particularly care for, that I cursed Jo. I did, I definitely, definitely did. There was a very strongly written letter and everything. But nevertheless, Patrick was beautifully written and a wonderful story. The pacing, dialog, and all around feel of the story are very true to the rest of the series, so long time Amaranthine readers should be right at home. I enjoy books that make me feel, and this made me feel so many things. I teared up at the end.

If you have not read Shades of Gray yet and want to start with Patrick, I would advise against it. You will gain a much better sense of understanding, and it will just mean a lot more to you if you start with the beginning of the series.

Of course, I have to give Brothers of Darkness 5 out of 5 stars just being it. It was an amazing book and you HAVE to read it… like now… Because it came out today, so… yeah.

5 star

Writing Isn’t Easy

I am so glad that this book is almost here! If you haven’t read anything by Tricia Drammeh yet… Well… What the heck are you waiting for?!

Tricia Drammeh


Writing is difficult. Sometimes it’s torture. Other times it’s blissfully easy. Most of the time, for me, it’s hard work. Over the past four days, it’s been all of those things.

As I iron out the final chapters of The Coven, I’m forcing myself to write one sentence at a time, one after the other, no matter how much it hurts. For months, it was torture knowing the book was so close to completion, but not knowing how to finish. Then Saturday, I had an aha moment where the end of the book seemed so clear, so obvious. Blissfully, I sat down and pounded on the keyboard as the words poured out of me. Easy, right?

Not so much. It’s down to the final showdown, the big action scene at the end of the book. I hate writing action scenes. Some people might feel differently, but I’m not a fan…

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Irresistible by: Becky Elizabeth Anderson **Cover Reveal**

I am so happy to be sharing this amazing reveal with you guys! Please be sure to check it out, hop over and give Ms. Becky a ‘like’ on Facebook. Oh! And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter.

Irresistible is a Contemporary/ Dark Romance by Becky Elizabeth Anderson, expected to be released November, 2016. I have provided the synopsis for you. Scroll down to check out this amazing cover!


The best things in life are hard to resist…

Always. In. Control.

Private security for the Hollywood A-list, Daniel Stark knows he can have whoever he wants in his bed, and anyone is welcome…for a night.
Love is nothing but weakness.

But he’s about to find out that not everyone is willing to play by his rules. Not everyone can be so easily bent beneath his will.

Not everyone is so easy to leave behind.

Can a man who’s been running all his life ever stand still long enough to let someone in, to relent the control he’s so tirelessly fought to maintain?

Like fire and oil, they have ignited something in each other that can’t be tamed. But when you’re playing with fire, someone will always get burned…

For all the latest updates, teasers and more, follow Becky on social media:-
Twitter; @BeckyWrites23
Instagram; @b.elizabeth3


Just a Little Update

Recently, I put myself on a new schedule to encourage me to get more done, and be more organized. That hasn’t totally failed, and I seem to actually be finding myself more focused. In fact, yesterday was such a successful day, I knocked out 2326 words (which is a TON for me) and made it to 82% to word count goal. I am so stoked. I am trying really hard to get this rewrite finished before I head to Iowa in November for the Indie Author Book Expo. You really don’t understand how thrilling this is for me. I’ve never EVER been a part of something like this and I cannot wait to meet other great authors (and readers too!!)

I am finally feeling like I’m in a good place over all.My writing is definitely taking a lot of time, but I am spiritually in an amazing place. I have found a group that I get to call home. I am going to classes and learning so many amazingly wonderful things. I can’t express to you how wonderful I feel. Of course, there is a lot that I have to keep quiet because there are people in my life that would never understand, and I get it. I don’t want to pressure anyone into my way of thinking, or force them to deal with my perspective, when it doesn’t work for them. I am just so so happy right now. It’s a cool feeling.

My goal for Celine is to have her back on the shelf by the end of October. I am also extending the surprise story at the end of The Collection, so look out for that as well. Thank you guys for your continuing support. You are the best people I could ever ask to follow me. Thank you!

Struggling authors, please read.

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

So lately I have heard from a few people that they feel like they should just give up on writing because for whatever reason, they are feeling like it just isn’t worth it anymore. Whether they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention, don’t have enough fans, or whatever the case may be, they are wrong, and here’s why.

Writers and authors have a gift, and because we have that gift, we have an obligation, a responsibility to use it. We may “just” arrange words in such a fashion that people enjoy reading them, but a heart surgeon “just” transplants hearts, and astronauts “just” go to space. We need to stop treating writing like it is simply a hobby that “anyone” can do, because that’s not the case. We “just” take people to places they can’t go on their own, and give them a form of escapism…

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Indie Authors Book Expo

Get ready to come see me, Joleene Naylor, and a whole slew of other amazing authors!!

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

13567444_512523918934579_1726561630786136091_nSo, I’m finally doing it. On November 5th, I will have a table at the Indie Authors Book Expo, held at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. The best part of the event? It’s FREE to guests! That’s right, you can come see me and a slew of other awesome authors, including Maegan Provan, for FREE.

Want to see what awesome authors I’m talking about? Check out the uber cool slide show (WordPress won’t embed it, so sadly you have to click the link) 

So get ready, and I hope to see you in November!

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A Dog Mom’s Worst Nightmare

The following post is not writing related, but I hope that it helps someone all the same. Please note that what I am going to talk about is upsetting. It describes my personal experience with a single Petsmart Grooming Salon, and does not reflect the actions of all Petsmart Grooming Salons. (Cause you know slander and all that good stuff)

I am a dog mom. I have two handsome boys that I love unconditionally.

I have Oliver, an eight year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :


and Jack, a five year old Jack Russell/ Corgi mix:


On June 15th, 2016, I took Oliver and Jack to get groomed for the summer at the Petsmart Grooming Salon in Watagua, Texas. I was told they were going to be about three hours, and I was fine with that. They deserved to get cleaned up and all of that good stuff. I live about fifteen minutes from there, so I went home to wait for them.

They had visited that salon in February, right before my husband and I moved into our apartment.Everything went fine. They were happy, I was happy. It was pretty much a standard day. This time was a bit different.

About thirty minutes before they were ready, I decided to head over there. The apartment was quiet without them, and I thought they might have been ready sooner. When I walked into the salon, I was greeted by a slightly irritated groomer. I don’t remember her name. It’s not really important at this point. She told me that Jack had stressed out when she tried to do his nails. She stated that he tried to bite her and proceeded to poop all over the table. I must have walked in right after she finished cleaning up because she looked upset. She pointed out that Jack was still attached to the table, and asked that I leave so that she could finish his head. She said that she didn’t want him to look at me while she was trying to cut around the head.

A little shocked, I agreed to walk out and let her finish. I was concerned that he would have done something like that because it is so out of character for this friendly little ball of fluff. About another ten minutes go by and I decide I can’t wait anymore. I walk back in the salon, and I am told they are ready. Jack was leashed up and ready to go so the groomer gave him to me while she went to go get Oliver. I apologized for Jack freaking out, citing that that was out of character for him. She, along with the other two groomers in the room, said that dogs sometimes have bad days. It happens. I said that Jack doesn’t have bad days, but they kept implying he was just not in a good mood.

While the groomer was in the back, I kept looking at Jack’s face, and I noticed there was something odd about his right eye. I picked him up and carefully opened his eye a bit more with my fingers. There was a blood pocket forming along the top of his eye. The groomer brought Oliver out, talking about how good of a boy he was. I pointed out his eye and was told that their eyes get red when they get stressed out.I told them that this was not a red eye, it was a blood pocket. All three of the groomers acted like they had not seen it until I pointed it out, and had no idea how that could have happened.

Looking back at it, that seems like a bit of a cover up. I mean, if I noticed it almost immediately, surely they had noticed it. I decided that I would step next door to Banfield, the Petsmart vet, to try to get his eye checked. I was told that the vet had no appointments, and I started to stress out a bit. I had to know what was wrong with my dog.

I went up to the register, paid for Oliver’s grooming (Jack was comped) and I walked out. I called one local vet that typically took walk ins, but they said that they didn’t have the equipment, and recommend that I call their normal vet. Which I did. Their standard vet did not have any appointments available until Friday. So I grabbed the appointment and figured that I would just be mindful of any changes.

We come home, get all set for the evening, and I decide to play some World of Warcraft with my friends. At about eight or nine o’clock that evening, Jack’s eye has completely turned red with blood.


It’s a little hard to tell, but I think you can see the blood. His eye was swollen, and he had a bit of clear discharge, like tears. I decided that I couldn’t wait any more and took Jack to a twenty-four hour emergency vet.

The vet did a full check of his eye, and came back with a horrible diagnosis. My dog had been strangled. The vet assumed that he did it to himself while he was stressing out, but he was still strangled. His neck was also swollen from the leash tightening around his neck. The damage to Jack’s eye is only in the white part of the eye, and he has no other issues. He can still see and his sight has not been damaged.

Petsmart has paid for the cost of the vet bill, on top of refunding Jack’s grooming cost, and I am thankful for that. However, I am not happy that this happened to begin with. I am not happy that it was allowed to get to that point. If Jack were having a bad day, they should not have finished grooming him. I should have been called immediately. They should not have blamed him for being bad, as they did, but been apologetic for not calling me sooner.

I wanted to write this, not to shame Petsmart, but to warn other pet parents. The manager that handled this whole situation, who was actually incredibly nice, said that she hoped they hadn’t lost our business by this situation, and that the groomer was being reprimanded. Honestly, I will never step foot in a Petsmart again. I am completely devastated by the conduct of the groomers in that situation. My dog could have died, and all the groomers could do was blame him for his behavior. The groomer that was handling him should be fired. I am not always the person that calls for someones head, because I know that find a job can be hard, but this was animal abuse. My dog was in her care and she betrayed him.

I am mad at myself for putting him in that situation, and almost let her get away with putting the blame back on Jack. I almost didn’t say anything to them. But why? I was not at fault, Jack was not at fault. I am writing this in hopes of warning others before dropping their pets off. From now on, we will be using a groomer that works in a vet’s office. Plain and simple.

Think You Couldn’t Possibly Lose Your Amazon Publishing Account? Think Again.

The Active Voice

There’s this indie author I know a little bit from the forum. Her name is Pauline Creeden, and she’s an ordinary midlister, like so many of us. I remember PMing her some time ago and gushing about how particularly beautiful one of her book covers is — the one for Chronicles of Steele: Raven.collection Here, I’ll include an image. Gorgeous, eh?

Anyway, today I tuned in to Kboards and noticed that Pauline had started a thread. It contained what’s surely the worst news possible for an indie author: Amazon had closed her publishing account. All her ebooks had been taken off sale. Permanently. Here’s the email she got from Amazon:

We are reaching out to you because we have detected that borrows for your books are originating from systematically generated accounts. While we support the legitimate efforts of our publishers to promote their books, attempting to manipulate…

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