New Year’s Resolution

2013 started off at a great pace. I completed finished and published my first novel, and I was feeling amazing! Then life happened. I changed jobs, got so busy that I lost motivation. From April 2013 to now, I have been battling chapter, book and over arching story line problems, losing my focus, self doubt, and so many other things that I couldn’t possibly know exactly where to start. I had so many people asking me when I was planning on Jeremy getting completed, but I couldn’t come up with a realistic answer. I was supposed to complete Jeremy before Christmas, but that didn’t happen. This year after Celine came out has been me disappointing myself time and again. Add to that the glaringly obvious fact that so many people were wanting me to deliver something that I just couldn’t. So that little voice in my head that is all too familiar to everyone on the planet came along and let me know that I wasn’t good enough to do this.

I tried to fight it off


I tired participating in NANOWRIMO, being an admin in not one but two Facebook groups (New Adult Fiction Addiction and Authors To Watch)… anything to get the creative juices flowing and it just wasn’t happening. Every once in a while the spark would come back and I would knock a chapter out. That clearly didn’t happen too often because I am staring at an outline for Chapter 9 wondering if this is too early for Silas to have a few minor revelations. I have been wondering whether my putting it off has something to do with the fact that Jeremy is a preacher, and I am not religious in the slightest. Everything has started to seem like a big waste of time and I have often thought of just giving up here.


But with the new year comes new beginnings right? I started thinking about things going in to 2014. What are my goals? What is my dream? Didn’t I start this to see it through to the end? I think I may have come up with an amazing plan for 2014 and I am actually excited to see 2014 get here! I decided that I would share that list here, and I hope that you guys help keep me honest. I have a lot I want to do, so let’s get start with that list.


Maegan’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 (Literary Edition):

1. Finish Jeremy- This goes to the top of the list because I really want to get it done and move on. There is so much of the story left to tell you

2. Do more features- I want to start doing interviews, and features for some of my friends. I obviously like to feature more than just authors, so we’ll see. I may extend this out to strangers, but I still want to have time to write.

3. Promote more- I don’t expect to become some international sensation or anything like that; I just want people to read my story.

4. Work on Zombie Novel- This is pretty much self explanatory

5. Launch promotional service  and other (currently secret) ventures- So much room to grow!


I plan to stick to this as best as I can. Wish me luck!


What about you? What are your plans for 2014? Comment below or give a video response.


About Maegan Provan

I am an indie author and proud of it. I try to update as much as humanly possible, but I'm a busy bee.

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