Bad reviews, and poor sports: The literary world we live in.

When a published author receives a bad review, they chalk it up to mistakes they’ll never make again. Typically, anyway. There are some authors who believe themselves better than any other author on the market. However, when it comes down to it, they lack basic spelling and grammar skills, and refuse to listen to people trying to tell them they need to find an editor. Then, when the back lash from not taking the time with their work hits, they whine and cry and claim learning disabilities to gain unwarranted sympathy.

I rated a book a one star. On Amazon and on Goodreads. I will keep the “author” and the “book” nameless, more for the reason that I think she doesn’t deserve any kind of attention for any reason. I don’t particularly care about her privacy, though. I want to get that out of the way first. Celine has not come out yet. It won’t be out for a couple more weeks. This “author”, while having no clue what the book is about, rated it a one star on Goodreads specifically because I rated her “book” a one star. Admittedly, I would be kind of bummed for such a low review if my book was actually out on the market, but I would have taken it and moved on. I know that I shouldn’t let it get to me, but I just feel like we all need to be mature and take the reviews we receive. I would totally take this review if it was justified, but it’s not. I think my venting is over, but either way, I’m not happy. I feel that this “author” needs to learn what the meaning of “grow up” means.

I won’t let her get me down. I know that my book has been loved and cared for and is getting the proper clean up before its release.Unlike hers.

About Maegan Provan

I am an indie author and proud of it. I try to update as much as humanly possible, but I'm a busy bee.

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  1. I saw that ‘review’ and questioned it. I asked the person if she meant to rate your particular book since it hadn’t been released yet. So far, no reply.

  2. Tough world out there. Let it go over your head hun. Your book as a beta read was extremely entertaining and attention holding. 🙂 I look forward to reading it again soon…

    • Honestly, I’m not worried about the review itself. I could care less about that. I just think it’s extremely childish on her part.

  3. oh good grief! What some people will stoop to… I agree, that was childish!

  4. What about your childness? There is no way you read any of her books the stories are amazing!!! You rated all of them 1 star without reading the book! I also looked and didn’t see any reviews on goodreads that gave your book 1 star. If anyone is being childish I think it is you. Ranting and raving over someone with a learning disability. What kind of person are you to make fun of someone with a disability?

    • I agree completly Megan. I checked into it to make sure you are right and there isn’t a one star review out there at all. Now, I haven’t read the books she is talking about but, even though she is clearly trying not to say the “author’s” name but, it is the only two books she rated with one stars on this page. If you read some of her reviews it actually sickens me. How badly this so called new author is behaving. She expects people to read her books when she treats other people like crap. Wow! I’m just so disgusted by this. I know I wont be reading any of her work. She also went as far as commenting on someone else review causing the reviewer to remover her original comment. LOL if anyone here has issues with bad reviews and poor sports is Maegan Provan.

      • Maegan Provan

        I think that you both need to know the whole story. The review that author gave has since been removed because she has been removed from Goodreads. If you had been paying attention the whole time you would have known that. I am entitled to express my feelings about the situation. I have read the books and they are terrible. How can you condone a book that has INCEST in the first chapter (Speaking of Woody, book 2.) If you think I am a poor sport, then you are entitled to your opinion. However, you don’t know the situation, you don’t know me and quite frankly, these ludicrous comments make you look childish. My reviews were in response to hers. I don’t see where I am “making fun” of her. She only started claiming the learning disability after the bad reviews. If she really does have one, then I will apologize TO HER. I don’t owe you anything. I am not the only person who has rated the books one star, nor am I the only one to make a blog post about it. Why the hell does it matter what I say anyway? Clearly lots of people enjoy it. So why does my opinion mean so much? I am also curious to know how you manage to share identical emails. I think that you are a sad person to attack me for expressing my opinion. If you don’t want to read my book, that’s fine. I don’t particularly care. I didn’t write it for your approval. I wrote my book for me and people who want an interesting story. My anger with that author is completely valid because she took an honest review personally, and since her account has been removed, so has her review. I have removed my reviews as well, if you feel you want some kind of meaningless victory. Either way, I wish you “both” all the luck in the world and hope that you can find the strength to move past my odious review. God forbid anyone express their opinion. I will spread the word that we should all shut our mouths and not care about a person’s ability to write or edit a book. That’s all I have to say on the matter. If you feel the need to continue, feel free, but your comments will go unapproved and deleted.

      • Maegan Provan

        One last thing, you know I can tell that you are using the same computer as well, right? Way to be sneaky.

    • I read the books in question. I’d have to agree with the one-star reviews. I’m sorry the author has learning disabilities, but lots of people do. My daughter does and she works her tail-end off to overcome it. We don’t allow her to make excuses and neither does her teachers. It doesn’t help her and it won’t help the ‘author in question’ to give him or her false compliments. Any author who wants to be taken seriously needs to be held to the same standards any other author is held to. In addition, any author who wants to be taken seriously welcomes negative feedback because it shows him or her where they can improve.

      I know it hurts to receive negative feedback about your work, but even JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer have received bad reviews. It happens.

      The one-star review Maegan Provan was referring to was there for a twenty-four hour period and has since been removed. I believe the author either realized she’d rated the wrong book or had a change of heart. I applaud her for doing the right thing in that regard.

  5. First of all, if you truely think “her” books are “amazing”, then we must not have read the same books. Those books were -terrible-. And that’s not in a “mean-hey-stop-writing” kind of terrible, I mean in a literary sense, they’re atrocious. The grammar, spelling, punctuation, PLOT, characters – everything. Maybe you’re used to reading stuff like that, I don’t know. Everyone’s opinion differs.

    The ‘author’ is clearly in the early stages of her writing career, so she can only get better from here.

    She wrote some bad books and she got some bad reviews. Maegan isn’t the only one that thinks they were bad. Every author ever has a bad review or two. It’s not our fault ‘she’ couldn’t take it. This is a business. Bad reviews are part of it. Get over it and move on.

    I get that you’re trying to protect your “friend”, but you’re not doing her any favors. It’s like patting a five year old on the head for making some scribbles, and then getting mad at an art director for not accepting it into a prestigious art gallery. There are standards. Even Leonardo had to start somewhere.

    The only way an author learns is by feedback – take it with a grain of salt, learn from it, and keep writing. If you keep getting bad reviews, it’s because you need to get better, not because people are picking on you.

    • See what Im mean you are the childish one. Making up lies claiming you read her story. If you truly read her stories you would know why Woody was with twins. Furthermore, the only so called incest was twins kissing. OMG not kissing. I do know Kristin is LD. You should too if you read her work. From what I see she isn’t hidding behind her disability she is embracing it and trying to over come it. If you have somthing to say to her message her. Help her don’t push her down. From what I can see she hasn’t done anything to you for yet you to attack her.

      • Maegan Provan

        An unbiased review is an unbiased review. It isn’t my fault that she took it personally.Obviously, you did as well. Yes, kissing like that between SISTERS is incest. Would you kiss your sibling in that manner? It doesn’t matter that they are twins, it doesn’t make it any less incestuous. I never set out to attack Kristin. I don’t know her, as I said. I gave honest feed back on a book, not a person. If it was really such a big deal to her, why doesn’t she come to me herself and talk to me about it? There are ways to get in touch with me all over the place, and I make them known all the time. If I had a problem with her as a person, I would have gone to her. A book review is a book review. Did Stephen King stop writing when people called his work dark and morbid? No. Did Stephanie Meyer stop writing when people called the Twilight series immature, and pointed out that Edward and Bella’s relationship hit every point for detectors in an abusive relationship? No. Do I think Kristin should stop writing? Most certainly not. As I said in my review, she has potential. When she uses the disability to excuse poor writing, that is her hiding behind it. However, the idea is there. I think that she needs to work closely with someone to help her working on her “LD” as you called it. If she could work to over come it, and spend a LOT of time refining her work, she could really make something of herself. I don’t think any one should ever give up on their dreams. We as authors have to take reviews, like the one that I gave or the ones that numerous people both on Goodreads and Amazon gave, and use them to better ourselves. Not as an excuse to have other people go out and attack the bad reviewers. I think it is completely ridiculous that this has turned into a huge bitch fit over my honest opinion. In all honesty, at this point, you are attacking me for my honest opinion. You really are a hypocrite. If Kristin wishes to speak with me, she can contact me on Facebook, or at my author email which I will GLADLY give: Otherwise, coming at me just proves how much of a hypocrite you are. You are personally attacking me for giving honest feed back, and then expressing my feelings about a situation on MY BLOG, which I am entitled to do. I think you need to take a look in the mirror before you start claiming I am attack her. Also, do you not have any explanation for why you and “Megan” are writing from the same IP Address? I’m very curious.

  6. See what I mean you didn’t read the book. I am not in contact with Kristin to give her your message but, what I do see of her postings on facebook she isn’t upset with the reveiws. She doesn’t know about this page or that anyone is writing to you as far as I know anyways.

    • Maegan Provan

      Then you’re an idiot. If she doesn’t know about this page, and she isn’t bothered about the reviews, why the hell does my ONE opinion matter? Would you like to know what I think? I think that if you aren’t said author, you are a friend of hers. She is upset about my review and took it personally and now you have set out to “make me look bad” with two accounts that I can clearly see are identical. I am not the only one who thinks that her books are terrible. The only reason you’re coming after me is because I have a book coming out as well. No one else, to your knowledge has a book coming out, so you can’t enact revenge. You’re a sick person trying to control the masses of bad opinions by trying to silence me and make me look bad. We have freedom of speech here, I can say whatever I want. I didn’t say I didn’t read the books. If siblings kissing is still okay to you, then please explain to me the one twin playing with the others nipples as the other sits in the first’s lap, while Woody is screwing the other in the face? That’s not incest? You really need to pay attention. If you follow her page, you can pass my message along. I think you need to get a life. Seriously, where is “Megan”? You seem to be avoiding that question. I have reread the original post, I have had other reread the original post and no one but you and “Megan” seem to think this is a personal attack. At this point, I have done nothing to warrant an apology, because I expressed an opinion as well as expressed my feelings on MY BLOG. You are the one who owes me an apology for coming to attack me for absolutely no reason. If the author isn’t bothered and if she has no idea what I said, then you have no reason to be here. I get standing up for your friend/ yourself, I do. However, there is a time and place for it and if I had come out and openly said “this author sucks, and she is a terrible person. blah blah blah” then maybe you’d have a valid reason to be here. I never came out with the anything about the author in the original post. Was it angry? Yes, because I had a valid reason to be. Think you’ve lost this “battle” honey, it’s time for you to move on.

  7. The only reason you look bad is because you are a cold hearted bitch you make yourself look bad. I don’t know what book you’re talking about but, there wasn’t any of that other stuff in Woody just the kiss one freaking sentence. You keep asking about Megan how the fuck am I to know where she is? I don’t even know her. I do agree with her though. You never got a one star review from Kristin and you treat people with disablities like shit. The only reason you are being attacked is b/c of how you treat people. You actually want to become an author yet you treat people like this. Just way to funny. Good luck with that!

    • You really should just stop now. You’re only making yourself look bad. Giving an honest opinion on a badly written book does not = “treating people with disabilities like shit”. Disability or no, your “friend” wrote a poor book and she got honest feedback; it’s no one’s fault but the author.

      Instead of attacking reviewers (which is incredibly poor form), you should instead focus on supporting your friend and helping her get better/further her career. Your wasting your time here.

      This just makes you look petty, childish, and stupid. Save what grace you have left and leave.

    • Maegan Provan

      There you go, being a hypocrite. You really don’t know anything about me. I love how you’re the one throwing names around and calling me childish and a ‘bitch’. When Kristin’s account was removed, so was the review. I removed my one star reviews of her book, because frankly, I don’t want them on my Goodreads. I find it funny that you claim not to know Megan, yet you’re both using identical email addresses and sending from the same IP address. This is a picture of my proof. I don’t believe in coincidence, so you might want to come up with a better lie. How do you know how I treat ANYONE? You don’t know me. Considering you’re the only one doing the attacking here, it seems like you’re the only one who thinks that way. My sister has dyslexia and ADHD, I had cancer. I can’t have kids. I have to deal with a lot of personal disabilities in my life. Before you assume to know how I treat anyone, you might want to look in the mirror. Did I go and personally attack Kristin? No. I have said NOTHING TO HER. You are the one who came here and started attacking me. You’re a hypocrite and the more you say, the worse you look. I wish you all the best, though. Take care.

      • Wow look at you. Making up email addresses and ip addresses u must be so proad of yourself.

  8. Maegan Provan

    *Wow, look at you. Making up email addresses and IP addresses. You must be so proud of yourself.

  9. Do u always fix messages from phones! Just saying most poeple do write like this in messages. I hate typing everything out on my phone. It judt sucks. Does it drive u nuts or something?

  10. Oh and why is that? Are u an author too?

  11. Well im writing on a phone and i dont give a fuck if a cunt author takes me seriously. All i know is u are a cold hearted bitch. That comments on other peoples reviews and make them feel bad enough that they end up taking it down.

    • Maegan Provan

      You know I can tell that you’re not writing on a phone. You know I know who you are. You know that I am not the only one who reviewed that book. You know what I said is not near as bad as some of the others. You are bitter and angry that I disproved everything you came here and tried to accomplish. You are the terrible person. You are the one who came here trying to make me feel bad for something that I don’t feel bad about. The only horrible person here is you. I haven’t called you anything but an idiot, which I stand by. You are the one whose name calling has gotten progressively worse the more and more I prove you wrong. Do you really have nothing better to do than sit here and post on my blog? I feel sorry for you.

  12. Well it wasnt in the kindle version but u do know that did say copy right. So what u just did was illegal. Ill make sure to report that. Thanks!

    • Maegan Provan

      Where did I break the law exactly? It shows the author’s name and you can see that the work belongs to her. That is part of the FREE preview available on Amazon. I am not sharing anything that isn’t already available to the public. Are you really that desperate? Everything you say makes me feel more and more sorry for you.

  13. Lol u dont know shit. And no I dont have anything better to do. Well u did say u would take down all comments but that wasn’t done. Why is yhat? If u ask me u are enjoying this.

    • Maegan Provan

      No, just gathering proof that you are harassing me. If you do not stop now, I will be sending this to wordpress and every other place I can go to and report you. This is my cease and desist. If you continue, you will be reported.

  14. Goodluck u know u could just take down the post. Say sorry to jennifer (girl u made feel like shit on goodreads.) Say sorry to melissa(girl u thought was kristin.) U should also take down post on goodreads. That would be the easy thing to do. Oh and say sorry to kristin author with disability. That is my final word unless u say more shit.

    • She doesn’t have to apologize for an opinion. (And there’s no comment from Maegan to a ‘Jennifer’ anywhere. Where would you have seen that?)

      I’m just saying, this is beyond ridiculous. It does nothing for you to keep harassing Maegan on HER blog, for an opinion she gave on a website that has a FUNCTION for opinions. Are you going to harass everyone who doesn’t like what you like? And why is Maegan’s opinion so weighty?

      Trying to bully someone into apologizing for an opinion is ludicrous; you’re clearly not making an ground here.

      Seriously. Just move on.

  15. Oh another author. The post to jennifer was on the temptations page in goodreads. You should stay out of this vicky. I said i wont say anymore unless more shit is said. Why dont u back off? Besides she doesnt have to say sorry she just should.

    • Maegan Provan

      First of all, how dare you call her “Vicky”. You don’t know her and threatening her just adds another tally to the points. I don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to Jennifer. I don’t know who the hell you think you are coming in here and demanding that I apologize for stuff that I was being honest about! I didn’t make fun of any one, I’m not the one harassing people. I wasn’t the only one who said something to Melissa, who has miraculously disappeared. You are the one who made this personal. You are the one who came here and attacked me for no reason. You have been reported for cyber harassment. Are you going to all of those other people and demanding they apologize? No. You have chosen to come after me because I am writing a book. That’s the only reason. Singling me out just proves that you are personally attacking me, when I have given you no reason to. You are demanding that I say I’m sorry. That’s been one of your insane mantras this whole time. I didn’t make fun of anyone, I didn’t harass anyone. That was all you, sweetheart. This is my last response and I am now blocking you from my wordpress. Once I screen cap this, of course.

      • Oh angry now for shortning a name. Picky picky vickyis infact short for victoria.
        I see u deleted your post on goodreads to jennifer and on your page. My job is done.

      • That is not her name. I know what it’s short for, you dolt. I didn’t delete a comment because there was no comment. Why the hell would there be something on my page that doesn’t exist> You’re further proving my point that you are CRAZY. You need to be locked away and have the key thrown out. You are terrorizing me for absolutely no reason. I hope you can sleep well knowing that you are a horrible, hypocritical, sick minded person


    Would you like to deny who you are now?


    Just in case you want to say that I photoshopped this one as well.


    And if you need more proof, here is the video of me searching for the email on Facebook.

  19. If you’d like to apologize, I am around. Other wise, please… in the words of my co-worker “Get yo life, find yo life, live yo life.”

  20. Thank u I did sleep very well. And so what if u looked up kristins email address. I guess that is how u decided to use it in your photo shop. I have a gmail address just saying. Like i said before my job is done. U already took everything down that mattrrs.

  21. Just making sure this looks familiar to you. I do have the rest of it also. Screen shot and everything with your photo next to it. Now, I don’t plan on using it all I wanted was for you to take it down now it’s down. Thank you for that. This was part of your comment to Jennifer on Goodreads when she was saying she enjoyed the book you had to stick your nose in and hurt her.

    Maegan wrote: You must be joking. As a soon to be self published author, I would NEVER release anything like this.That is a complete insult to every indie author on the market and you should be ashamed for making such a disgusting generalization.

    • Kristin, you’ve been caught red-handed. There’s no point in denying it anymore. “You photoshopped it!” is a poor argument, and anyone who looks up the email can see who it belongs to, since you’re freely admitting it’s Kristin’s (yours). Even if you change the email, there are still screen shots AND a video. Anyone who has a wordpress can see the I.p. -and- the email for anyone who makes a comment on their own blog – Maegan couldn’t make this kind of thing up and she definitely couldn’t have photoshopped a video. You’ve also posed as TWO different people, trying to “defend” your book, with nearly identical emails.

      There is no shame in being at the beginning of your career. Everyone has to start somewhere; we were all beginners once. However, there -is- shame in not taking responsibility for your content. You -did- make some edits, so that’s commendable, but any progress you may have made is completely obliterated by your attitude and childish antics here. And there’s definitely shame in attacking someone on their own blog for their opinion. The single golden rule of publishing (at least an extremely important one) is never, ever, EVER argue with your reviews. The only thing it does is make you look petty and immature. Authors/writers take constructive criticism with open arms because it shows them where they can improve, and that really should be the goal – to get better and write a better book. You’re not quite there yet, and this fiasco is not helping you.

      Maegan is not “attacking” you. She’s not “making you feel like shit so you take your book down” (not on purpose, anyway.) She has not set out to ruin you, or drag you down, or “hate” on your book. She gave you a review and you couldn’t take it. She’s defending herself. That’s it. If you’re going to pursue this writing thing seriously, you’ll need a thicker skin.

      Playing the victim is just deplorable. I’m truly sorry if a single 1-star review hurts you this much, but this whole thing is bordering on insane. I cannot fathom why on earth you would spend so much time and energy barrating and harassing a reviewer, when you could spend it, I don’t know, -writing-.

      I’m not sure you really grasp what you’re doing to yourself and your reputation. But of course, any snarky comments after this would only prove my point. Be gracious – agree to leave Maegan and her side of the internet alone, and I’m sure she’d do the same. There’s no need to continue any of this; what’s said is said, and neither side is gaining anything. This is just my final thought on the matter, and the last thing I’ll say before I let Maegan take it from here:

      From one writer to another – let this one go.

  22. Seriously im not kristin. Yes megan n i used her email address so she can see this page. U still don’t get it do u? It has never been about her book. I don’t care that u don’t like her book. It’s about commenting on other people’s reviews and hurting them. It’s about telling people (Melissa) that she is Kristin when she isn’t. So i know megan big deal. What’s it to u anyways vicky? She took down the upsetting message. It is over. Let it go and I will too. It has never been about the book.

  23. Really!? This is the only time I am going to address this on my page, mostly because I don’t want to bring this drama around with me forever. Several people posted a bad review about a book on Goodreads. The author of said book has been harassing me on my blog (which I have proof of) and posing as someone else. Upon searching one of the email addresses used, I found that this author was really behind it. Because of the bad review she has stalked me and harassed me and is now trying to make herself look like the victim. If she wants to retaliate, that’s fine. I don’t particularly care. If you want to believe her, also fine. But I don’t mind sharing what was said to me at all. Especially when I proved the author’s arguments invalid and she started calling me “childish” and a “bitch” and she even went so far as to call me a “c*nt.” If it makes her feel better to lie, that’s fine, but I have my proof.

  24. Maegan Provan

    You can deny all you want, but I have the proof that I need. You have been asked to stop and you continue. Not only are you proving that you are stalking me, you are throwing every card on the table. I’m calling you bluff. The police have been notified. You are a sick minded person to continue this. You are seriously delusional if you think this started off personally. How could it if I had no idea who she is? Your logic is flawed. Good luck with your insane belief system and I wish you all the luck in the world. I feel sorry for you. You have nothing better to do than sit and watch one person’s blog for a chance to look like an even bigger hypocrite. I hope you can find peace in your life. I’ll be praying for you.

  25. Maegan Provan

    What? Cat got your tongue? This silence is pretty great.

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